Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stashbusting... practical and... creative challenge

As many other artists and crafters experience, I too have a stash of materials (fabrics, paints, canvas, yarn...) that threatens to take over my house (I have a cartoon-like image in my head of walls being pushed outwards by these piles of 'inputs'). So, I have given myself the challenge that this fall I will focus on working with what I have - the fabric I have, the paint I have, the yarn I have... and although this is clearly an effort born out of practicality, I'm realizing that it also creates a challenge for me artistically as I look at all I have, and all those ideas I've collected and decide what I will make with them... limits imposed that might just help me focus on creating instead of consuming/purchasing more materials in hopes of inspiration!

I'll post pictures of these completed works as they are finished... wish me luck! :o)

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